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red sox

February 2009

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Amazon reviews just don't cut it!!

I had a question to some veteran PE teachers... I am taking some methods classes at college next semester before I student teach and it was highly recommended I get some lesson plan idea books with various areas in them. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on ones they use regularly... k-12 is good. Thanks in advace!!


I would suggest finding out what units you will be teaching from your coperating teacher. I know when i student taught i spend the money i would have spent on text books on some books for student teaching here are a few that i found to be helpful.

The big book of sports lead up games- has alot of skill practice ideas, The physical Education teachers book of lists- is good if you are going to test your students or make them study guides for rules and history of games and sports, any of the ready to use pe activities for grades (insert here) although i have to warn you the elementary ones have alot of the same activities for different grade levels, Games to keep kids moving-has some good games and activities. Lesson plans for dynamic physical education for elementary school children was one of my text books from college that i found was extremely helpful.

Really it all depends on what you are looking for and what time of sports/activities you will be teaching.

also use www.pecentral.com it is an awesome website for lesson plan ideas, and warm-up games.

hope that helps a bit.